Specialty Compounding

What is Specialty Compounding? Why would you need this service?


Speciality Compounding is the highly specialized practice of making prescription drugs right in the pharmacy. The medicines are customized to the needs of the patient and tailored exactly to the guidelines of the prescribing physician.

Let’s say your child needs a reduced dosage of a medicine only manufactured for adults. Our pharmacists will recombine the medicine to meet your child’s specific dosing needs. Here are some other uses of custom compounding:


  • If you have trouble swallowing a pill your medicine could potentially be made into a lollipop!
  • Many of our local doctors have specialized our proprietary medicines, creams, and other treatments. We work with all the local practices to maintain a ready supply of their specialized blends.
  • Countless other examples of needs exist, so call or drop by to talk to us if you have questions.



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